Breast Screening


Be Breast Screened - In London

The NHS offers free breast cancer screening every 3 years for all women aged 50 and over. Research shows that breast screening saves lives; over 1400 lives are saved through early detection each year. *

If you wish to know more, find the screening unit that provides breast-screening mammography for your area by clicking on the map.


* The World Health Organisation's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concluded that mammography screening for breast cancer reduces mortality. The IARC working group, comprising 24 experts from 11 countries, evaluated all the available evidence on breast screening and determined that there is a 35 per cent reduction in mortality from breast cancer among screened women aged 50 - 69 years old. This means that out of every 500 women screened, one life will be saved. 7th Handbook on Cancer Prevention, IARC, Lyons 2002